Our Team


Viravaxx has a dedicated team of 10 scientists and technicians in cooperation with the Valenta LabsThe company is headed by two experienced managers who closely interact with the MedUni Vienna researcher. 

Helmut Brunar

Dr. Helmut Brunar is an executive with vast expertise in the pharma and biotech sector. Before joining as Viravaxx’ CEO, he managed supply chain activities at Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine program. Prior to this, he was CEO & Chairman with Axentis Pharma AG where he built a team to develop respiratory drug candidate AX-TOBRA. 

Frank Stolz
Head of Development

Dr. Frank Stolz is an experienced head of pre-clinical and clinical product development with a successful history of working in the biotechnology industry and in basic research. At Viravaxx, he is responsible for product innovation, process and analytical development. Frank leads Viravaxx’ preclinical vaccine development and diagnostic platforms.


Each month, MedUni Vienna honors researcher for outstanding achievements. The jury awarded the title of Researcher of the Month for February 2019 to Dr. Katarzyna Niespodziana, a core member of our collaboration partner at MedUni Vienna. See YouTube video here (by permission of MedUni Vienna, 2021).

Viravaxx congratulates!