Hep B Drug Watch

Hep B Drug Watch

Viravaxx herewith gives explicit credit to the Hepatitis B Foundation as the author and publisher of this Drug Watch. Drug Watch is a unique service of the Hepatitis B Foundation, which the Foundation has published for the past 20 years, and which is updated every month. 

Therapeutic Vaccines: stimulate the immune system

VVX001Therapeutic vaccineViravaxx, Vienna, Austriaviravaxx.comPhase II
NASVAC         Therapeutic vaccine              CIGB, III 
GS-4774Therapeutic vaccineGlobelmmune with Gilead, USAglobeimmune.comPhase II
HepTcellTherapeutic vaccineAltimmune, USAaltimmune.comPhase II
VBI-2601 (BRII-179)Therapeutic vaccineVBI Vaccines, USA vbivaccines.comPhase II
VTP-300Therapeutic vaccineVaccitech, I/II
CVI-HBV-002Therapeutic vaccineCha Vaccine Institute, S. Koreaen.chavaccine.comPhase I/II
AIC 649Therapeutic vaccineAiCuris, Germanyaicuris.comPhase I
HB-110Therapeutic vaccineIchor Medical with Genexine, USAichorms.comPhase I
JNJ 64300535Therapeutic vaccineJanssen, Irelandjanssen.comPhase I
CARG-201Therapeutic vaccineCaroGen, USAcarogencorp.comPhase I
Chimigen HBVTherapeutic vaccineAkshaya, Canadaakshayabio.comPreclinical
HBVTherapeutic vaccineHOOKIPA Pharma, Austria, with Gileadhookipapharma.comPreclinical 
TherVacBTherapeutic vaccineHelmholtz Zentrum Muenchen,
PRGN-2013Therapeutic vaccinePrecigenprecigen.comPreclinical
ISA104Therapeutic vaccineISA Pharma, The Netherlandsisa-pharma.comPreclinical
VRON-0200Therapeutic vaccineViron Therapeutics, USAviriontx.comPreclinical 
HBV VaccineTherapeutic vaccineClear B Therapeutics, USA and Australiaclearbtherapeutics.comPreclinical

Nucleoside analogues (NUC’s): Interfere with viral DNA polymerase used for HBV replication

Hepsera (Adefovir dipivoxil)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase Gilead Sciences, USAgilead.comApproved 2002
Baraclude (Entecavir)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA bms.comApproved 2005 
Tyzeka (Telbivudine)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase  Novartis, USA novartis.comApproved 2006 
Viread (Tenofovir)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase Gilead Sciences gilead.comApproved 2008 
Vemlidy (TAF or tenofovir alfenamide)Prodrug of Tenofovir Gilead Sciences Approved 2016 
Levovir (Cledvudine)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase Bukwang, S. Korea Approved 2006 in S. Korea 
Besivo (formerly ANA 380/LB80380)Inhibits viral DNA polymerase Ildong Pharma, S. Korea Approved 2017 in S. Korea 
ZadaxinImmunomodulatorSciClone, USA Approved outside USA 
ATI-2173 (Clevudine prodrug)Inhibits HBV polymerase Antios Therapeutics, USA antiostherapeutics.comPhase II

Silencing RNA: Interferes and destroys viral RNA

VIR-2218RNAi gene silencer Vir Biotech, USAvir.bioPhase II
RG6346 (DCR HBVS)RNAi gene silencerRoche, Switzerland, with Dicernaroche.comPhase II
JNJ-3989 (ARO-HBV)RNAi gene silencerJ&J with Arrowhead, USAarrowheadpharma.comPhase II
AB-729RNAi gene silencerArbutus Biopharma, USAarbutusbio.comPhase I
BB-103RNAi gene silencerBenitec, Australiabenitec.comPreclinical
ALG-125097RNAi gene silencerAligos Therapeutics, USA aligos.comPreclinical

Capsid Inhibitors: Interfere with the viral DNA protein shield

Vebicorvir (ABI-H0731)Capsid inhibitorAssembly Biosciences, USAassemblybio.comPhase II/III
Morphothiadin                      Capsid inhibitor HEC Pharma, PR II
JNJ 56136379Capsid inhibitorJanssen, Irelandjanssen.comPhase II
ABI-H2158Capsid inhibitorAssembly Biosciences, USAassemblybio.comPhase II
EDP-514Capsid inhibitorEnanta, Pharma, USAenanta.comPhase II
RG7907Capsid inhibitorRoche, Switzerlandroche.comPhase I
QL-007Capsid inhibitorQilu, PR Chinaen.qilu-pharma.comPhase I
ABI-H3733Capsid inhibitorAssembly Biosciences, USAassemblybio.comPhase I
ZM-H1505RCapsid inhibitorZhiMeng Biopharma, PR Phase I
ALG-000184Capsid inhibitorAligos Therapeutics, USAaligos.comPhase I
B-836Capsid InhibitorArbutus, USAarbutusbio.comPhase I
VNRX-9945Capsid InhibitorVenatorx, USAvenatorx.comPhase I
GLP-26Capsid inhibitorEmory University, USAemory.eduPreclinical

HBV surface antigen Inhibitors: Interfere with HBV surface antigen production

REP 2139sAg inhibitorReplicor, Canadareplicor.comPhase II
REP 2165sAg inhibitorReplicor, Canadareplicor.comPhase II
ALG-10133sAg inhibitorAligos Therapeutics, USAaligos.comPhase I

Antisense: Binds to viral messenger RNA and inhibits viral protein production

ONIS-HBVRx (GSK 3228836)Prevent viral protein productionIonis with GSK, USAionispharma.comPhase II
ALG-020572Prevent viral protein production  Aligos Therapeutics, USAaligos.comPreclinical 

Gene Editing: destroy or repress HBV DNA

EBT107CRISPR/Cas 9Excision Bio, USAexcisionbio.comPreclinical
HBVARCUS platformPrecision Bio, USA precisionbiosciences.comPreclinical

Monoclonal Antibodies: Neutralize HBV proteins to reduce infection

GC1102Monoclonal antibodyGreen Cross, South Koreaglobalgreencross.comPhase II
Vir-3434Monoclonal antibodyVir Biotech, USAvir.bioPhase I

Checkpoint Inhibitors: Stimulate T-cell recognition of HBV-Infected cells

ASC22PDL1 inhibitorAscletis Pharma, PR Chinaascletis.comPhase II
GS 4224PDL1 inhibitor Gilead, USAgilead.comPhase I

Activators of the innate immune system

Selgantolimod (GS9688)TLR-8 agonistGilead Sciences, USAgilead.comPhase II
RG7854TLR-7 agonistRoche, Switzerlandroche.comPhase I
SBT 8230TLR-8 agonistSilverback Therapeutics, USAsilverbacktx.comPreclinical
YS-HBV-002Activator of TLR3, RIG1, MDA5YiSheng Biopharma, Chinayishengbio.comPreclinical
IMC-I109VT-cell ReceptorImmunocoreimmunocore.comPhase II
LTCR-H2-1T Cell.             immunotherapyLion TCR, Singaporeliontcr.comPreclinical

Other Investigational HBV Drugs

APG-1387Apoptosis inducerAscentage, PR Phase II
EYP001FXR agonistEnyo Pharma, Franceenyopharma.comPhase I 
HBVMicroRNARegulus, USAregulusrx.comPreclinical
ENOB-HB-01Gene modified cell therapyEnochian Bio, USAenochianbio.comPreclinical
GV1001“Novel peptide”GemVax & KAEL, South Koreagemvax.comPreclinical
CP101Oral microbioticFinch Therapeutics, USAfinchtherapeutics.comPreclinical
EDP-721RNA destabilizerEnanta Pharma, USAenanta.comPreclinical
DF-006Small moleculeDrug Farm, Preclinical
ASC42FXR agonistAscletis, Hong Kong         ascletis.comPreclinical

Interferons: Mimic naturally produced immunomodulators

Intron A (Interferon alfa 2b)ImmunomodulatorMerck, USAmerck.comApproved 1991
Pegasys (Peginterferon alfa 2a)ImmunomodulatorGenentech, USAgenentech.comApproved 2005